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Akkusativ i dating

One easy way to remember is that akk is usally the direct object and dat the indirect object. If there is a preposition, it is the preposition that determines the case of the word it attaches. Don't be lazy but learn the case that goes with it. Thank you In German, the Akkusativ is the WEN-Fall and the Dativ the WEM-Fall. A drastic example for both WEN willst Du ermorden ?

I find that english and german generally follow the same rule for this. A lot of people fall into that trap, but think aboiut it. Such as in dative is much the same as in in English, whereas in accusative is much the same as into in English.

Knowing when to use the dative and accusative in a German sentence is a major hurdle for many students.

Equally as important is the sentence structure when using the accusative and dative cases.

Once you have the accusative and dative prepositions memorized, these are your friends when it comes to case -- they tell you exactly what to do.

But first, “direct and indirect” objects are not a natural concept in German.

Does anyone have simple tips and tricks to remember and use the correct form? but you may have complained more if I had referred to the woman as the Indirect Object.

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It will help avoid misconstrued sentences such as Ich gebe der Maus die Katze - unless of course you really did mean to say that you wanted to give the cat to the mouse…