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Are barry and kris from ghi dating

And it seems okay if you're being haunted by an old washing machine or maybe an old TV. Barry Fitzgerald: Yes, we did some sub-sections of it. Question: Barry, can you talk about the reason you wanted to investigate Hamlet's Castle?

But it seems to be that Catholicism certainly is more open to the idea where if you have the off shoots within Protestantism and things like that, there seems to be an element of fear there with the spirits.

Not quite sure that you want to deal with them, so it's best you don't deal with them at all. And it's just how we perceive what is going on around us.

We're now understanding that this is a different thing all together.

The equipment which is stimulated by the low-end EMF and the DC ranges of course are being affected.

This is an interview with Barry Fitzgerald and Kris Williams on December 20, 2010 about the show Ghost Hunters International.

Question: Barry, could tell me what it's been like to take over as the lead investigator this season? It was just dark and stone and dirt and it's just a completely different world.

So for me, this was a chance to see the world and a chance to take on a new role within a team.