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Aseian sex

Some believe the best option would not be a Thai-style crackdown but to legalize the sex trade and then strictly monitor it, as do Amsterdam and Singapore.

So how can these up-and-coming destinations reap tourism’s benefits without suffering the costs, human and otherwise, of exploitation?

And with the sex trade in the dark, “governments in the region are only ensuring that it becomes more difficult for Yet even legalization doesn’t tackle the root of the problem: demand.

That’s why many charities insist prevention is the only long-term solution.

It is a socially conservative culture where there is no toleration of sex outside of marriage, and little emphasis on sexual gratification."Many are emotionally browbeaten into preserving their family honour by marrying a cousin from their family's village in north-west Kashmir, the part of Pakistan from which the forefathers of Bradford's Asian community originally migrated.

These new wives can bring with them "an unhealthy attitude towards sex and sexuality".

While none of these countries are exactly contending for the dubious mantle of sex tourism capital, they’re all finding opportunity, of sorts, as Thailand’s government cracks down on its own world-famous sex industry.

Lured by tourism’s economic promise but lacking the wherewithal to prevent sex trafficking and other abuses, many of these countries are in a difficult spot, experts say.

And in the eyes of Flanagan and Save the Children, salvation will come only by teaching men respect for women around the world.