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In the beginning the pictures were granny and you could only expect a frame or so every 15 seconds, but the video was live and started a revolution in the world of online sex chatting.

Now days 15 frame per second in not uncommon on most home computer systems.

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Although most service providers claim that they are offering a free service, it is really not so.

But there are some providers of free services for fixed period of time.

Today online sex chat has come a long way from its beginnings some almost 25 years ago.

In the beginning all sex chat rooms were connected to BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) software.

Chat rooms with 5 to 20 people, connected via very slow 300bps modems, could exchange ideas via text while connected together.

Generally speaking, now day’s chats are conducted via voice, web cams (Video), and sound.

The websites that offer these services allow you create a profile of yours.