Start Casual dating too serious relationship

Casual dating too serious relationship

ii love this guy so much i give him my all but i dont think he feels the same way for me even if we say so wat can i do? What does it take to be convinced he's not the one for you.

Self-confidence and the ability to love yourself and to know that you can attract the right man means that you will get the right guy for you.

Regardless, you will never feel right with this person now that you have your doubts.

Lose him, move on and be happy with someone who makes you and your relationship feel right.

You might spend three or four nights a week together, but then you don’t see him over the weekend. Motivation is key to moving a relationship from casual to serious – and if he isn’t motivated, he won’t change. But he might surprise you and he might actually step up. If you get stuck in a casual relationship rut, with a guy that doesn’t want to change, you need to ask yourself why you got stuck in that relationship in the first place.