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Connexions dating agency

Connexions Wolverhampton wants to help you support your son or daughter to make the best of their future.

Our systems are built, tested and ready to implement.

Connexions provides you opportunities to customize and brand our platform to your requirements.

If you need support with other issues such as housing, health and benefits, you will be assisted to access the most appropriate service for you.

To check if you can have extra support, please contact us: Wolverhampton Connexions Centre118-119 Salop Street Wolverhampton WV3 0RX Telephone: 01902 773040 Opening hours; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm (closed Wednesdays) From Monday 3rd April 2017, No appointment needed: Drop In - Monday, Wednesday and Friday only 1.30pm-4.30pm.

There was a focus on 'coherence across current service boundaries, so that someone has an overview of the whole of a young person’s needs'.

The development of a comprehensive record system was also proposed to 'ensure that prompt, coordinated action is taken if a young person stops being involved in education or training and risks "dropping out"’.

We have created pages to support CEIAG professionals in the Wolverhampton area.

Check out our pages to see how we can support you and your instituition.

The aim was to ensure ‘a smooth transition from compulsory schooling to post-16 learning’ and to the world of work.

The setting up of a youth support service (now known as the Connexions Service) was seen as representing a significant change in the way support was provided to young people.

We support leading brands across a variety of industries including nine of the top 10 financial institutions, a large auto manufacturer, a major Brazilian coalition and two of the world’s largest airlines.