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Dating advert slang

Our outfits are inspired by the community we come from,'' said Mandela.

'Saved by the Bell' is boxing slang from the late 19th century.

Earlier this week‚ South African Weather Service (SAWS) forecaster Vanetia Phakula said the temperature in Cape Town would be 29 degrees Celsius on Thursday afternoon.

“There will be some light wind in the south easterly direction‚ traveling at 28km/h but generally the weather will be favourable‚” Phukula added.

This triangular sail is used on sailing ships, and as each country has its own style of 'jib', the 'cut of your jib' determines where a boat originates from.'Namby Pamby' was a nickname invented in the eighteenth century by poets John Gay, Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift to mock the English poet and playright Ambrose Philips.