Start Dating af

Dating af

We push and prod away at people as a way of testing them because we need to see who’s going to stick it out for the long haul and who’s going to sprint at the first sign of trouble. Of course, in doing that, we deny ourselves the possibility of love and end up hurting far more than if we’d been brave enough to put our hearts on the line.

Even if it’s clearly coming from a place of love, we can’t handle it.

We immediately go on the defensive and can’t believe that the one person who should be cheering us on is actually trying to pick us apart.

Their favourite chocolate bar, favorite book, or favorite place – everything they’ve ever told us gets stored away in our brains somewhere to be remembered at a later date.

It’s like a test we didn’t even know we were studying for.

We worry that we’ve allowed ourselves to need someone. We try to hold things in, but our feelings always seep out.

We’re scared of being vulnerable so we bottle everything up, but the thing about stock-piling feelings is that there’s only so many we can fit in that bottle before it overflows.

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