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Dating clubs boaters

” If you get the chance to experience the ambiance of Maison Premiere, you’ll agree that its elegant, hotel-lobby-inspired cocktail den is nothing short of captivating.

Whether you come for live music, sports or just the festival fun of it all, you’ll find that New York City’s oldest beer garden is still the best year-round hangout.

Also, our members will see who has already signed up and on which boat they are on – much more information at your fingertips!

The city that never sleeps is overflowing with bright lights, late nights and fun, young singles ready to experience it all.

Our fleet consists of 9 sailboats, 2 powerboats and 1 fishing boat – that’s a 33% increase in boats from last year! Our boat coordinators and web designers, led by Ed M, have been working on the NCSS website boating event sign up.

Our plan is to debut this functionality at the March General Membership Meeting.

More than 10 years ago, “The Gang,” a band of five good ol’ New York City boys, established a nightlife environment that is as exclusive as its name would lead you to believe.

Creativity and commitment to enhancing the craft of the cocktail are standard badges that this bar bears proudly.

Look no further because we’ve scoured the Big Apple and brought you the best bars for the best nights in NYC!