Start Dating sites people hepatitis c

Dating sites people hepatitis c

Mickey Mantle and Walter Payton come to mind as strong drinkers. Amazing you'll have me thinking about this allright...

At that point, they'd thought it was incurable, but it was inconsistent how it only seemed to have deadly consequnces for about 5% of those who had it.

Now, afew years down the road, they're finding out that alot of people don't even have it anymore, which leads them to different conclusions than they had when it was first discovered: 1) It seems most if not all people who die of it have had a history of strong drinking or drug usage which kept on going probably even after they knew they had or should have known they had liver damage.

I gave everything up got checked for everything cleaner than a whistle... I was lucky enough to contract viral hepatitis over the summer, which started with a simple lymph node in my armpit... The worst part about viral hepatitis is that there's nothing they can give you to make you "well", and it takes about 3 months to "do it's thing". They don't tell you that it can also take about 3 months after that to fully recover, since you've basically been bedridden for 3 months... Seriously, there are resources available, google is your friend.

Thank God but even then this gals like my sister so it's rough.. They don't tell you that it can also take about 3 months after that to fully recover, since you've basically been bedridden for 3 months... Hep C, Hep A, Hep B, ..different in the way they're contracted, the way they're treated, the may they manifest.

I have to admit that the doctor who finally diagnosed me said they'd probably never know exactly where I got it or how I got it...

But, she told me I"d be feeling better in _____ amount of weeks, more than likely.... PLease seek the advice of a competent gastroenterologist/hepatologist.

It is never easy for a single person to get back out there.

Your dreams of having a lifetime love may have been shattered by a broken relationship.

I've learned to never, ever believe everything I hear, even from doctors, and to do my own research.... Some are more resistant to treatment, others respond well. that's the least aggressive of the genotypes, he is now free of the virus after 6 months of (brutal) drug based treatment, the virus remains undetected in his system, ...a person goes 6 months without the virus detected, the chance of it returning is 2%.

The treatment for Hep C is similar to chemo-therapy, especially in side effects. It's not considered a "cure" by some, more of a "viral remission", but my friend has no doubts about how he feels about it.

Hep c has been able to survive for 3 days in dried blood, precautions versus bodily fluids are of extreme importance Whoa didn't know that.dried blood? What gets me is that it goes undected for years then suddenly Whammo! D'uh, .......antibiotics suck for cancer too, and torn ligaments...... I have to say, that when something is "viral", the only thing you can take is something to treat the symptoms ((like with a cold, in which antibiotics won't do a dam# thing))....