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Dramatics dance debating and dating

These things in every city along the river they do. They beat themselves after the sacrifices, all men and all women making very many thousands of people. the god Osiris) they beat themselves, it is not righteous to say. Greeks from Asia Minor) are living in Egypt, they go so far as also to cut their foreheads with daggers and in this make it clear that they are foreigners and not Egyptians. In Papremis, sacrifices and rites, as elsewhere, are performed.

Whenever they come to a new city, they bring their boat close to shore and do the following: some of the women do the things I just said, others abuse and shout at the women in that city, others dance, others hitch up their skirts and stand up. but in Heliopolis and Buto the pilgrims perform only sacrifices.

They gather, whatever there is of men and women but no children, as many as 700,000 as the locals say. The lamps are really saucers filled with salt and oil, and on top there is the wick itself and this burns all night, and this festival has the name "The Lamplighting." Those of the Egyptians who do not participate in this all-night festival still observe the night of the sacrifice by lighting lamps—everyone does this—and so not in Saïs alone is there the lighting (i.e. The reason that the light (or "the day" ) and the honor (i.e. to protect the god's statue), more than a thousand men, all holding clubs and these stand opposite the rest in a mass.

of this rite) was given to the night itself is explained in a sacred myth concerning this (festival) . The statue, being as it is in a small shrine made of wood and plated with gold, they escort (this statue) on the day before to another sacred building.

For this reason this fight in behalf of Ares at the festival has become a tradition, they say.