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Those people, who like to pass their time in cool and sound place, away from the creeping madding crowd, can choose Bunka over any other destination in the line.

Loca-ted at the top of 13th floor of a Gulshan sky scraper, seems like this exclusive place can spellbind the customers with its unique characteristics and the great environment with a top view from where the vicinities of Baridhara, Banani and Gulshan are in fight.

Bunka is the first to introduce 'Teppanyaki' (live cooking) in Bangladesh, where the chefs demonstrate cooking delightfully in front of the customers, with the instruments that they use to cook.

Presently it is open for lunch (12 noon- 3 pm) and dinner (7 pm-10.30pm).

But there might be a change of timing, to provide the guests with a meat or a bite_ so that one can walk in any time of the day and savour their delicious dishes.

113, Gulshan, (House 64) just a few steps from the main avenue.

To make an experience out of a regular usual meal_ this is the place, as the decor and the ambience are there to add the magical touch!

Their special show along with some fireworks will surely amaze the people.