Start Goods and bads about internet dating

Goods and bads about internet dating

My first date was with a guy who had fantastically clammy palms, and whose hands shook so much that it was a miracle his sweat-coated fingers could get any purchase on his glass.

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well, these are my personal turn offs and i don't really like sensitive or sweet - it depends though, it's not like anyone wants to date an a**hole or a jerk, but girls in general are sensitive and they dont want someone more sensitive than them, but then again if you're attentive and responsive it's a rare find!

i think being independant, intellegent, hardworking are excellent personal qualities which would definitely attract me, and your degree sounds interesting and you seem nice and decent which is good and generally not easy to find!

In this instance, I was definitely peering down as I queried his age (according to Eventually in the desert of dross, some dates were actually OK.

My friends refer to him as Usain Bolt, thanks to his speed out of the door.

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After a lot of false starts, I met the person mentioned at the start of this article, and had a good year with him.

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