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Version III brings a black panel with white lettering with the decals facing you when you stand in front of the amp.

The Deluxe III's normal channel has all the shimmer to make single-coils sparkle, but it's the room-filling bass, coupled with the slightly scoopy mid-range that completes this sound.

Here we have the biggest seller, the 40-watt Hot Rod Deluxe III.

The latter black and silver Hot Rod colour scheme (the first Hot Rods were Tweed) comprises a simple black Tolex-covered quality ply cabinet, fronted with a silver grille cloth.

They're everywhere - the most popular, semi-pro and pro valve amps on the market, and they remain the cornerstone of Fender's modern amp line. Ritchie Fliegler arrived from Marshall and promptly discontinued Fender's most successful amps of the time - the Blues De Ville and Deluxe - and evolved them to Hot Rod status, complete with an extra drive stage.