Start Im validating my raid spot

Im validating my raid spot

Saunders said the raids were a response to hundreds of complaints about the shops from local residents, as well as the public-health concerns of marijuana products varying in quality from shop to shop.

Establish some ground rules before recruiting Setting up your own raiding guild will require some planning on your part: Get together with that core group of friends you described and start piecing together a guild charter of sorts and a rough schedule for a typical week.

A guild charter should tackle issues such as loot distribution (not so relevant in your specific case, John), guild resource access, and anything else that'll be relevant in the MMO you play.

John's issue is further complicated by the fact that most of his core guild group haven't tackled many of the raid bosses, so guild management will be difficult to establish.

Join me below for both John's full submission and my thoughts on the issue, and don't forget to add your own advice in the comments below.

Think about how you wish to recruit Recruitment is another area that requires some careful consideration.

In the case of creating a raiding guild, you'll want to outline clear requirements for your prospective members, such as gear, gear enhancement use, favoured builds where relevant, raiding commitment in terms of time, and anything else relevant to how raids run in your chosen MMO.

This is mostly because I dislike making Guild Chat too game specific where possible so that the advice can apply to other readers in similar situations too.