Start Is pamela anderson dating michael jackson

Is pamela anderson dating michael jackson

Attorney Thomas Mesereau became intimately aware of Michael Jackson’s sexual proclivities during the months of the 2005 trial that delved into every aspect of the superstar’s private life.

Its not about his Love life, its about his being happy and real.

He would have loved towalked thru the mall with a “friend” and not be bothered by the media.

Q: Bill, who was the friend MJ use to go on long walks with? For one, confirms publicist Lelani Clark, the bodyguards say Jackson had two girlfriends toward the end of his life.

These women were nicknamed “Friend” and “Flower” in order to protect their privacy. Narration: In fact, they say he had at least two girlfriends, dispelling that other rumor. Link MICHAEL JACKSON’s former bodyguards have spoken out about their late boss, revealing the King of Pop romanced a string of women with dates in the back of his limousine. And the trio divulged personal details of the late singer’s life behind closed doors, insisting Jackson had at least two steady girlfriends whose identities have remained a secret – and he took them on dates driving up and down the Las Vegas strip when he lived in Sin City.

It is interesting to note that a photo of Marilyn Monroe was displayed on Michael’s bedside table.

Thomas Mesereau affirms that “Michael Jackson was a ‘red blooded male heterosexual’; he was not a pedophile – nothing could be further from the truth.” His Las Vegas security team of three men have affirmed that “Michael Jackson was not gay.” “Men know men,” they explained in a kind of shorthand to communicate that they got to know their boss intimately and that he obviously liked women.

Every item at his Neverland home – books, magazines, videos, articles of clothing, laundry hamper, papers, safes, and personal effects – was searched, confiscated, and/or filmed.