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Though such a system is prevalent in other universities, it was not followed by the Kerala University.

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This is one reason why, rather than encouraging honest discussion on gender and sexuality, Cuban feminism distanced itself from any form of female homoeroticism.

particularly feared as ‘the deviants among deviants’ (p.

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The chapter by Abel Sierra Madero, ‘Sexing the Nation’s Body During the Cuban Republican Era’, gives an account of how dandyish or effeminate men and also women who flouted ‘feminine’ norms – regardless of whether these people were engaged in any same-sex activity – were seen to threaten ‘the moral integrity of the nation’ (p. As the embodiment of ‘a threat to national masculinity and sovereignty’, effeminate men represented ‘the defeat of national virility against North American values’ (p. In challenging the ‘natural’ order of subordination to men, lesbians and women with ‘deviant masculine features’ (p.

71) – both popularly equated with feminists – endangered healthy reproduction.

According to officials, around 40 percent of the complaints received turned out to be genuine cases and the timely redressal of such complaints was almost cent percent.

The Sutharya Keralam programme, aimed at ensuring transparency in governance in the state, is fast becoming popular as the number of grievances to the Chief Minister's Grievance Redressal Cell and the rate of redressal of genuine grievances among them are touching new heights.

This has enabled the complainants to make calls to the centre over the phone number 155300 and register their complaints.