Start Kissing and dating quizzes

Kissing and dating quizzes

This can be anything from increasing the amount of time that you and your partner spend kissing or simply changing the scenery around both of you.

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Since you’re still experimenting, at this point you’re still a bit of a novice.

In fact, one of the secrets to kissing is to not take yourself too seriously, so if you happen to clink teeth with your partner or have an awkward moment, you’re able to laugh it off and move on.

Kissing is a skill like anything else, and once you have a larger foundation and knowledge-base, you’ll be able to take these basic tools, put them into action and start practicing.

You’re currently not the best kisser, but you have the ability to improve your kissing skills in the future.

But now’s the perfect opportunity to transform your kissing abilities so you’ll not only know exactly what to do, but you can thoroughly enjoy yourself while doing it.