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Lanka wel shcool sex

The fact of the matter and a reality is that smart students sometimes end up with bad grades too.

Whatever the reasons may be behind their alcohol consumption, the Journal of Health and Social Behavior reported that alcohol consumption leads to increased social stress and poor grades. Benner, and Robert Crosnoe, published in the journal’s June 2012 issue, showed a correlation between feelings of isolation and declining grades.

Your high school grades are supposed to pave the road to your academic excellence in college. Many straight “A” high school students drop out of college due to highest expectations to excel are usually associated with the whiz kids, therefore they are the ones more prone to disappointment in college or university. Whatever the reason behind taking up a job (or two) may be, juggling two jobs at a time is definitely not as easy as it sounds. A study by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that only 15% of teenagers sleep for 8 ½ hours, the standard amount of sleep.

These causes are sometimes obvious; others are subtle and may not be that noticeable.

The American Sociological Association in one of its 2011 studies reported that bullying may be a major factor when it comes to drop in grades.

If a student is not being challenged, he/she might get bored and that would reflect in the grades.

Sometimes it is the vision or hearing problems that bother students; not letting them fully concentrates in class.

But bad grades don’t come unexpected, there are always some early warning signs you need to look out for.