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The film's lead actor Shahid Kapoor as the high-on-drugs Punjabi rockstar Tommy Singh is something you don't get to see every week at the movies.

There are blocks of conference rooms with whimsical names: one here based on Star Wars characters mixed with drinks (Darth Jager, The Empire Strikes Bacardi), one over there echoing Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (Americone Dream, Half Baked). With its initial public offering (IPO) approaching, the company is in a “quiet period” during which it must avoid making new public predictions, but it is expected that Facebook’s 850m users will grow to a clean billion by July.

Twitter, with its micro-blogging, would seem to be a direct Facebook competitor.

It is smaller, with 383m users in January 2012, but growing faster, and its use by celebrities and journalists, plus its role in the Arab uprisings, has made it the social network to watch. “We shouldn’t be competing with almost any of these people.” So says Andrew (“Boz”) Bosworth, Facebook’s 30-year-old director of engineering.

'Udta Punjab' is one film most film aficionados are eagerly looking forward to.

From the theme of the film to the looks of its characters to its amazing music, everything about director Abhishek Chaubey's film is pumping up our excitement levels.

Facebook is an internet within the internet, so dominant that both it and other technology companies are realising that it is far easier to join forces than to fight. This Sweden-based company is on the way to being the first music-sharing service getting right what Napster and others once tried and failed: to get people to pay small amounts to listen to music online, or to put up with ads. If your cousin Bob is on Spotify, you and his 234 other Friends can see that he is listening to “Somebody That I Used to Know”, and listen along if they want to.

Far from competing with Facebook, Spotify enhances it—and the other way round.

But the sprawling new Menlo Park office complex is designed—perhaps a bit too designed—to look as if the kids just took over in a revolution.