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Local dating events

Our "By-Invitation-Only" dinners are intimate evenings hosted and held in private dining rooms in Columbus' best restaurants and designed specifically with you in mind.** When Elizabeth and Susie plan a dinner you are in for a treat! Where else can you enjoy a fun night out, experience great food, make new friends and possibly meet the love of your life for such a reasonable price?

Some of the singles events we have put on in the past include, dances, bowling, picnics, mystery dinners, brunches, concerts, swimming parties, etc.

If you have filled out our Quick Connect then you will automatically be invited when we host a future singles event.

Sign up today and you, too, can share in our hauntingly good hot spot or a uniquely planned event, and meet other great singles at the same time!

Murder Mystery: Take the suspense out of meeting new people.

Add to that list an emerging group of singles in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and seniors who are interested in dating, meeting new people and being active socially.

Not “hooking up” but finding someone genuine who is also looking for a deeper connection.

basically, we know all the fun Dallas things to do when you’re jumping into the dating scene, including fun events and local adventures that make for great ways to meet great local singles.

And our Date Coordinators, Concierges and Matchmaking Specialists are just like you in the sense they know how it feels to re-enter the dating world (maybe after a long break!

Our singles events usually take place in the city of Columbus, Ohio where we are based.

Below are descriptions on some of our singles events.

), how it feels to want something more from a relationship, and what it’s like to meet and spend quality time with others in the same frame of mind.