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Children are brought up to have a stronger emphasis on family and their future instead of love.

Luck was at it again, Ahmed was awarded another Scholarship by The Master Card Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University.

Promises of exclusive dating some couples see this as the only commitment.

To each other by taking the first step towards announcing marriage intentions.

Positive points: The parents of the man may be happier/feel secure knowing that their son is to marry a person of their own country and culture rather than one "corrupted" by Western influences The parents of the girl hope that their daughter enjoys a higher. One might also think that college students, being in the midst of their own dating lives, would be able to define dating, be familiar with their intentions, and have a strong concept of where the decisions they make today will take them tomorrow, as they.

In most such cases, the marriage simply takes place anyway, overriding the bride's or bridegroom's objections.

Clarify, the partners, therefore, tend to show love and respect towards each other rather than showing some other exterior sides.

Companionate love is also known as affectionate love.

Currently, Lugya is at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.