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After all, I was going to be spending the day getting poked and prodded and zapped with electric currents. I walk toward the voice and nearly run straight into the technician. Here’s the thing about being 28 and going through all this medical hoopla.

Wear your little lace hot pants that cover your ass. That evidence would come from a test called an evoked potential. That look that says: You are not like the elderly people I usually see in here.

You see, a few years ago my doctors had determined that I most likely had multiple sclerosis, and in order to officially give me the MS diagnosis they needed one last piece of clinical evidence of the disease.

I wonder how many other girls my age have been through here?

The test begins and, as told, I keep my eyes focused on the screen in front of me, but my mind starts to wander.

Well, I’m impatient and I like to just go for what I want, so when I feel like getting in touch, I go for it even if that means I’m initiating the communication. Having Sex On The First Date (Sometimes) If it feels right, I’ll go for it (if my date is down, of course). Ghosting This one I feel bad about…but yes, I do ghost people from time to time.

Other times I’ve waited until several dates beyond. Wearing "Normal Clothes" On The First Date I don’t dress up for dates. Of course, I dress appropriately for the context of the date — I don’t wear my bathing suit to go see a play or anything but I don’t do anything different to my hair, I don’t wear makeup, and I don’t wear anything that I wouldn’t pick out for a normal outing with buddies. I know it’s wrong, and I want to be able to do the right thing on this front, but I just…I don’t want to be an adult all the time! Having New Dates Meet My Friends Early On Let’s just say I haven’t always picked the best people to date in the past, and my friends are all great people who care about me a lot.

On Sexting: The worst that could happen is that she, in a fit of rage, uploads the photo to Facebook, on which she is friends with both your coworkers and your siblings, and has Photoshopped your face onto both of your testicles.5. On Camera: Any man who pranks his girlfriend for the sake of a You Tube video is not a man.