Start Non drinker dating

Non drinker dating

Looking back, I’ve had a few of these women, but I wasn’t serious about staying sober.

A few days later I was alone in that bed for months.

My friend had killed himself and I self-destructed.

I dumped the good girl and proceeded to meet a fine couple and break up their engagement.

This type of girl involves a lot of convincing that my drinking isn’t a problem.

It also helps that her difficult recovery involves an untreated sexual acting out on her part.

All I ask is that you take care of yourself, so I don’t have to drag you across the parking lot when you pass out after I stay too long.

Oh, and no wetting the bed and no throwing things at me.

These are not high standards, but if you choose to accept them we might have a long and miserable relationship. Sounds very much like sharing a common cause but in reality it is because I need to stop drinking.