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Novel sex hot melayu

These are the stories, poems, and authors which Literotica members have added to their "Favorites" lists.

Mommy," I Groaned (2406)He deflowers sister, impregnates mom.

Two Moms, Two Laps, Two Hours (2346)What could possibly be wrong with this idea?

Hero's Reward (1505)One brave deed holds the key to unlocking a scarred heart. A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts (1481)A storm forces a virgin to find warmth with 3 women."Pet Mommy": Becoming a Mommy-Slut!

Stolen Kisses (1897)Little sis revives childhood game to seduce him.

Lucky Slip (1381)My little sis takes too long in the shower, I couldn't wait!

Hindsight (1356)Mary Ellen is seduced into Anal sex by her loving neighbors."Daddy?

My Mom's Disgusting Boyfriend (1891)How my mom's bf ultimately seduced me.