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Online dating pictures guys

Men want to see what you're 'working with' — and most aren't looking for model-thin women, so no need to be self-conscious if you have feminine curves.4. Whatever pose you decide to strike, please do not sit down!

Crop that kid out if you think it’s a nice solo shot of yourself. While it’s heart-warming to see a man cuddling a small child, don’t forget that Michael Jackson did that too and we’re still questioning his intentions…Posing with your grandma is dorky, plain and simple.

Do you really not have any other friends that you have to use your grandma instead?

If you plan to crop the photo, of course, then sitting is fine.

And, you’re only hurting your cause by giving us a sneak peak of what you will look like in fifty years…which we’re really trying to avoid thinking about as we’re determining if we want to sleep with you (or not). If we were to use a sound instead of words to describe the feeling we get when we see you and your Nana arm-in-arm at graduation it’d be, “You might not be that attractive, but hey, your friends are!

Whatever your vice, the commonality all of these match-making sites have is the user’s profile.

A picture on these applications is literally worth a thousand words, and it better be an excellent one because that’s 80% of what we’re first judging you on.

We’re a superficial bunch, but it’s the name of the game when it comes to online dating.