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Online pinoy men sex chat

I live in London so its not like I don't get to meet loads of guys from different places but something struck me about him. Got to be realistic though - its not exactly going to be easy... You have to bear in mind that white can mean all different things - do you mean English, or American or German or French or ...

PEX needs a thread where Pinoy males can talk all about their experiences dating or getting married to Western women!

If any of you Pinoy males out there have had experiences being with Western women, feel free to discuss it here in this thread! Caucasian women are easier to go out on a date than pinays, sorry to say this. I regret not entertaining foreign women before, even if they are the ones approaching me because I was pig headed in thinking that pinays are the only ones I should entertain.

So we hanged on tightly and patiently to each other.

I guess she really did changed most of my views of the world and I changed hers as well.

We're constantly in touch by text and phone call and I'm coming back to see him for a couple of weeks in April and then coming over to live for 6 months in October.

I don't know what to expect at all because I've never been attracted to any guys that weren't white.

Napansin ko lang madami sa pinay suplada or mataray.

The prettier the worse, merun din pangit na, sungit pa.

I love my wife, if she would have been a Filipina or an African or a German or any other "...ans", I would love her all the same... Western women doesn't dig macho man type (siga ako sa baryo namin, ASTIG AKO).

Some pointers for Filipinos (as in those born and raised in the Philippines) who are dating or about to date Western women: 1. If you keep on talking about these, you will get dumped and left on the sidewalk. Act like a man, don't be shy or don't be too careful not to embarasse yourself. They like it when you embarase yourself sometimes for their sake. Don't be too "gentleman" (Opening a can of soda for her, carrying her handbag, etc.). Don't you ever try to tell them not to wear their tiny bikini because you think it's too revealing (See pointers 5 and 6).

Russian women are not bad since they look good and are mostly hard up, they think that PI is greener pasture.