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Prevent backdating

Unfortunately the disability living allowance decision takes 6 months and Amy does not receive notification of her higher rate mobility award until October 2007.

Providing they then notified HMRC within 93 days of the award of that qualifying benefit, backdating should have been given to the date from which the disability benefit was awarded or from the date of claim whichever was the later.

If there was an ongoing tax credits award, the claimant had to notify HMRC both when they applied for the qualifying benefit and then again within 3 months of it being awarded in order to receive backdating of more than 3 months.

Changes of circumstances can be backdated up to 1 month.

Prior to 6 April 2012, the backdating period for changes of circumstances was 3 months.

From 6 April 2009, providing the claimant notifies HMRC within 1 month (3 months prior to 6 April 2012) of being awarded the qualifying benefit, they will receive full backdating.

There is no need to tell HMRC when they apply for the disability benefit.

If you tick the 'Block' & untick the 'Future date' options, any user will only be able to add transactions with a posting date of the current system date. Even in invoices the due date may be changed manually in the document itself and/or the associated journal entry.

For more info on this please see the archived Expert Empowerment Session: Dates in SAP Business One [Dates in SAP Business One 2005A SP01| find the archived sessions please note that you need to reset the search 'From' date to .

- Allow future posting date: Select to be able to create documents with future posting dates.

Companies can create documents with future posting dates at the company level and then decide whether to apply this option to all the documents or only to those selected.

The rules for backdating disability elements changed on 6 April 2009.