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Santino marella dating tamina

During a title match between them, Roddy Piper distracted Marella, who was then pinned.

His character won Carelli Wrestling Observer Newsletter's award for Best Gimmick in 20.

During his time in WWE, Carelli won the Intercontinental Championship in his debut.

He was the opponent selected by Vince Mc Mahon for Umaga as a fan. after defeating him on June 24, at Vengeance: Night of Champions, by disqualification.

The unknown Marella scored a surprising upset, and won the WWE Intercontinental Championship with an assist from Bobby Lashley. Marella then began a gradual heel turn and became increasingly jealous of his girlfriend, Maria.

In July, during a storyline where he was supposed to act afraid of The Boogeyman, but instead laughed, Carelli was shouted at and slapped by Jim Cornette, OVW's head booker and co-owner.

This incident led to Cornette being fired as OVW booker by WWE.) on the April 16, 2007 episode of Raw from Milan, Italy.

Carelli started his career on the Ontario independent circuit as Johnny Geo Basco, debuting with a disqualification win over Xhibit (now Rico Montana) in the opening match of a Ring Wars show in Orangeville, Ontario, on August 17, 2003.