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Scuba diving dating sites uk

However, her family have been warned it could take months before any conclusions are made about how Miss Farrell died.

"They were meant to be diving to a depth of five metres." Miss Farrell's parents confirmed their daughter was a competent swimmer and had signed up for snorkelling lessons before progressing to the scuba diving.

The graduate, who has a younger brother, Jake, 20, was planning to spend a year in Australia and had joined up with friends who were already out there.

She had posted a series of picturesque images to her Instagram account in the days leading up to her death.

Mr Farrell added: "Lots of her friends had been out in Australia and she had been wanting to join them.

Britain's coastline is home to one of the richest wreck resources.

This includes the remains of ships and boats dating from the Bronze Age to modern day.

Survey - survey is the predominant archaeological techniques employed as our underwater heritage is often best preserved left in situ.