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Yeah, I know that Boston and whatever other cities around here are also going to be affected by this blizzard, but I implore you not to care about them and only look at the city that is getting snowed on that matters, New York City: The only city where you will see footage of cars marked NYPD driving around in SNOW SNOW SNOW!

With this amount of snow, who knows when we’ll have to move our cars again but hey, don’t worry about it, most of us don’t even HAVE cars — it’s NEW YORK, we use the MTA SUBWAY SYSTEM.

Boy, if you live in Arizona or Atlanta I know you give a shit about this one: The blizzard going on is probably going to LIMIT Wait wait, before you go, you have to hear my opinion about how Mayor de Blasio is going to try to be overly prepared for this storm because he doesn’t want to do an embarrassingly bad job like Bloomberg did a few years ago during that Christmas-time blizzard.

It is important you care about how my current mayor compares to my old mayor!

That’s because when it snows on me, everyone should care because I am the most important place in the world!!

She said that people involved in it weren't sure at first what she meant to say with the song when she first started writing it.

The song went through a lot of changes while being produced but the chorus always remained the same because Gaga liked it and didn't want to alter it.

He loved the music and we were super happy to have his vocal in there,” says Anthony.