Start Shes dating the gangster

Shes dating the gangster

TV Patrol Southern Mindanao is specialized news program dedicated to informing the public of all the most pressing issues and concerns in the region.

Has Athena gotten herself into more trouble than she can handle?

Aired Feb 04, 2017 Live Game Schedule (MNL time): March 22, WED, 10AM Men's (ADMU vs ADU), 2PM Women's (UP vs ADU), 4PM (ADMU vs NU); March 25, SAT, 10AM Men's (UST vs UP), 2PM Women's (UE vs DLSU), 4PM (UST vs FEU); March 19, SUN, (NO LIVE MEN' S GAME); 2PM Women's (ADU vs ADMU), 4PM (NU vs UP) *schedules may change without prior notice Aired May 15, 2013 The flagship radio station of TFC that you can always depend on to deliver credible news, in-depth commentaries as well as entertainment and public service to Filipinos across the globe.

Aired May 11, 2013 Your premium news channel that gives you updates on politics, exclusive business and lifestyle coverage, up-to-the minute reports, talk-oriented programs, and insightful commentaries.

2017 | 2h Lupe ( Andrea del Rosario) and Manolo (Leandro Munoz) are a young couple whose marriage life is about to undergo a drastic change when Manolo leaves for another country.