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Software for updating

In order to download software from this website, you must be using Firefox or Windows® Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher.

Drivers are pieces of software that control the different devices in your Windows computer.

They help the computer talk to everything, including your video card, printer and the intricate components of the motherboard.

All of the software in our review can be simply downloaded and set up in a matter of minutes.

Once opened, some automatically start scanning your system to find drivers, specifically the ones that are out of date; other programs have large buttons on their main pages that let you manually start scans.

There are a few drivers that come built in on your Windows computer, but many can only be accessed or updated directly from a hardware manufacturer’s site.

Often times, drivers downloaded directly from the manufacturer give you more power or features, anyway.

Most people don’t know what drivers are, let alone how critical most of them are to their computers’ overall health and why it’s a must to keep them up to date.