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Incorporated in 1974, and part of the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga is Canada's sixth most populous municipality with a population of over 704,000.

Mississauga offers extensive access to many major destinations in the United States and Canada with seven major highways running through it, as well as Canada's busiest airport Pearson International located in it.

Statistics Canada estimates the population at approximately 704,000 people, and this figure has doubled within the last 20 years.

With a large immigrant population (slightly less than 45% speak a language besides English), Mississauga is a great place to meet new friends and potential mates.

The Toronto Township (not to be confused with the present city of Toronto) was formed in 1805 and officials from York (now known as Toronto), purchased 84,000 acres of land from the Mississaugas. In 1820 a second purchase established more settlements including Streetsville, Meadowvale Village and Malton.

Most of Mississauga as we know it today was farmland for fruits and vegetables. The area continued to grow with the opening of Canada's busiest airport Toronto Pearson Internation Airport.

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