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These 1/2" - 3/4" thick steaks run in sizes ranging from 12 - 24 oz. beyond MEDIUM temperature due to excess charring of the bone. While not as tender as a Delmonico (because of a lesser fat content) the strip is still preferred by many because of its flavor.

Because there is a bone in this particular cut of beef, our chef must use a meat saw and pre-cut these steaks. Occasionally we have larger steaks - Please inquire - but we cannot cook steaks larger than 22 oz. STRIP New York strip, or sirloin is the larger section of meat from a T-Bone or Porterhouse Steak after the bone has been cut away.

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MEDIUM-RARE: Light crust, PINK with small, warm RED center, juicy.

MEDIUM: Nice crust, warm PINK center, somewhat juicy.

Because of the grain of the meat, heat takes longer to penetrate to the center; cooking time may be slightly longer than other steaks.

Our chef will cut sizes only between 6 and 10 ounces. filet ordered MEDIUM WELL or beyond MUST be butterflied.

Judging panelists for this challenge were my favorite Susie Fogelson, SVP Marketing and Brand Strategy of Food Network and Cooking Channel- whom you all must have seen judging on the "Next Food Network Star", Chef David Burke who's an inspiration in all that he has achieved and Yunqiang Qu, Head Judge from the NTD International Culinary Competition. Cooking for such an accomplished panel of judges and against a very daunting group of Chef's gave me some interesting dreams/nightmares when my daughter finally let me sleep.