Start Updating vision profile please wait

Updating vision profile please wait

Always the same result and I can't pinpoint which update it is that breaks it.

Continue narrowing down your search till you reach the specific service triggering the error.

BT hub is connected to BT vision through ethernet port and working just fine with all other devices, but BT vision box seems to be stuck in a loop on either the 'Starting', 'Please wait' or update screens.

Usually reboots itself in between these screens and only starts to 'download update tool' after boot count 3.

well its not the first that it has happen to me, the first time was when I initially saw it and clicked and would load so i gave it a day or two just sit there and once i tried again it opened but then i wasn't aware that it needed to be secured, so i tired again and ever since then i can`t seem to get further than the Please wait screen, gave it a week to sit by and still nothing being updating and still I`m currently running on Windows 7 home basic edition.

Please help me because i don`t know if i`m doing some thing wrong or miss read something please help P.

To undo this alteration, use the System Restore feature and fall back to a previously created restore point.

Method 5: Stop pending updates Long delay in the booting process can also be traced down to an unfinished system update, still placed in the waiting queue.

To accomplish this, follow this procedure: Wait for the system to load the new account.