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Who is kelli pickler dating

To say that Kellie Pickler’s personal life growing up was tumultuous would be a remark that resides somewhere between a gross understatement and a dramatic oversimplification.

Recognized and beloved for her fun-loving personality, uniquely hysterical witticisms and Southern charm, I Love Kellie Pickler will follow Kellie as she navigates her madcap relationships with friends, family and the unpredictability of couple hood alongside her husband, Kyle Jacobs, her complete opposite.

It's amazing, fresh, home-cooked food that is healthy and good. " My Favorite Way to Unwind"Entertaining at our house.

Music video: Appears in Brad Paisley's "Online" (2007) directed by and co-stars Jason Alexander.

Kellie Pickler resides in sort of a country music no man’s land to a certain degree at the moment.

Recently her music has taken a very decidedly traditional, independent direction, specifically with her last album that was named country Album of the Year by Saving Country Music, Rolling Stone, and others.

Authenticity is such a key factor in classic country music; in selling the pain behind your voice and words to discerning fans.

As sad as it was that the mainstream country industry seemed to abandon Kellie Pickler in her moment of creative breakout and unbridled expression, it may be just as sad that the classic, independent country world couldn’t connect with her as authentic.

It also features William Shatner, Estelle Harris, Maureen Mc Cormick, Taylor Swift, and Patrick Warburton.