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Who is kim bum dating

I know, the recent drama, people don't give so much attention because of the other drama star by joongki. After seeing you in Padam Padam, I am sold on the depth of your talent! Good job kim beom oppa I love kim bum's drama alot. Kim Bun ......u really were awesome at the 'That Winter, The Wind Blows'. Kim Beom, I am greatly impressed with your work and wish for one day to encounter you face to face. he looked like the korean version of legolas in it. I think of you everyday and everytime I wonder to myself "how come I didn't see you earlier in my life? Your look and acting attracted my attention soooo much. I travel to South Korea and hopefully bump into you by coincidence. You're getting more attention and praise for GOF than the leading actor himself.

Nd I also love his voice in the song I am going to find her.........though BOF is my first ever korean drama that i am seeing...i would love to see more of Korean Dramas in India.... I'm not a fan of serious dramas, so I haven't watched you on screen for a while. Every time I read all these nonesensse of all fans of any one( no difference between you ,na min woo,park si hoo, lee min hoo,jang hyuk and all other atcers ) I smile to all those who love you so and I think: God! You are such a good actor, and you deserve to win more awards. You look SO HOT and I love your martial arts skills. For some reason, her comment is not here anymore, but that's what she said. but it is ok and I am your fan because I love you and I can not do anything for you. You are a good actor and you should be the leading actor now that you've gained more experience, improved your acting skills, and matured into your mid-20s. I can't wait to see you in Goddess of Fire as Kim Tae Do! I wish you the best and I hope you continue to be successful for years to come. You are very handsome, breath taking, can't keep my eyes of how beautiful your smile and body's are. My daughter has given Kim Beom a perfect nickname for him.....

"Boys Over Flower" was a phenomenon..spreads not only Kdrama, but helps introducing KPOP even more.if it is only Geum Jandi and Gu Junpyo's story, I won't continue watching it... Still love you ^_^ I am 55y/o who has become entranced with the quality of Korean film. I love you very much, Kim Beom I hope you will come to Malaysia, I am here waiting for you, I hope so my husband face and hair(in story"still marry me)the same as you,okey Kim Beomm......!!!!!!!!!!!! Your acting is in Padam Padam, Fly High. Kim "The Boom" Beom and that is only way she knows who we are talking about.

A quick look on Twitter shows hundreds of results cropping up every second, for the term ‘Kim Kardashian’.

People are searching about her and talking about her at an unbelievable rate. Writer Polly Vernon sums up a popular view when she says: “I know we're officially very snotty about Kim Kardashian's bum and/or general cultural obsession with it, but bloody hell!

i've saw him in boys over flower and i'm stuck to watch that drama because he was there. i really want to see u in real life.u please come to Australia??? she eats up my brain the whole days blabbering about kim it would be good if u would come here.

there are a lot of fans of urs that want to meet u.. all i wish to say is, i hope Kim Beom keeps up the good work not to get scared of the crazy fans wanting to marry him or to kidnep him since ill protect him even if i have to fly from europe to cach the little crazy people with my own hands Kim Beom is still a human being and he allways will be that way no matter what if i may say this aswell, i dont think he wish to be called cute..

Namoo Actors announced on the 1st, "Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum grew fond of each other through 'Goddess of Fire, Jeongi'.