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Who is lauren holly dating

Once you got engaged, you stepped out of the acting world for a while. I realized this whole other world was out there and open to me.

Here, the NCIS star shares her very personal story of finding unexpected love the third time around, and how the fateful adoptions of her young sons transformed her.

How was your husband different from guys in past relationships? In fact, they were the most amazing men on the planet.

being released today, let’s go back and see what the former-future Mrs.

Of course, the first thing I said to Francis was, "We should bring the kids here," but once we settled in, we had the best time, and now we've decided to do a mini-vacation like that once a month. And since George and Henry are biologically related, it would be nice to bookend that for Alexander.

I'm ready for a commitment and a family, and if you're not, tell me and we can forget about this.

But if you're more than just interested, we should see where this goes." And we did, and 11 months later he proposed.

The other thing is that Francis recently gave me a spa certificate to the new Four Seasons Hotel, which is about 10 minutes from where we live.